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Free AI article generation

Zomani is a freemium tool and get upto 10,000 words and 100 image generations. With this feature you can try zomani’s features and case studies without even putting your card details.

Generate Optimized articles with ease

Provide Zomani with the subject of your article, some keywords you want to rank for, and voilà! Zomani generates a ready-to-rank article.

Review, Copy & Paste with Zomani

Zomani generates excellent quality content that you can copy and upload directly to your website. However, despite AI being fast and responsive, it can still make mistakes. Therefore, it’s important to review the articles generated from Zomani before copying and pasting them.


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Available in all plans

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Frequently Ask Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Zomani is a freemium tool. you can sign up for a free trial with Zomani. There are no hidden charges or requirement for credit card details during the trial period

During the free trial, you can generate up to 10,000 words and 100 images. This allows you to test Zomani’s features extensively before making any commitments.

Absolutely! Provide Zomani with your article’s subject and desired keywords for ranking. Zomani will generate a fully optimized article that is ready to help improve your SEO performance.

While Zomani generates high-quality content, it’s important to review it before publishing. Despite its speed and responsiveness, AI can sometimes make errors that need correction

If you spot any mistakes or discrepancies in the content generated by Zomani, you should review and edit it as necessary before uploading it to your website.

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