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Create more than just articles and stories effortlessly with Zomani’s user-friendly interface, at 3x lesser cost, and generate content 5x faster!

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Zomani vs shortly.ai

Why should you find alternatives of ShortlyAI

Zomani generates more Content

Why accept less content from ShortlyAI when you can create precise and informative content using Zomani, backed by GPT-4-32k and a vast training dataset?

Zomani excels at producing top-notch, contextually appropriate content. On the other hand, ShortlyAI might sometimes give you random and outdated content.

Go Beyond ShortlyAI Limited offering

Why settle for ShortlyAI limit of a few Content Types when you can get more than in less. The best part is that it doesn’t stops here but we keep on adding more and more content generating opitons in Zomani.

Maximize your savings, no expenses

Zomani offers access to all premium features in Free trial and at a small subscription of just 16.25$ a month. So why wait and still spend your money on something that you can get at a better price with extended features.


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Zomani VS Shortly in a glance


AI Content creation options

AI Image generation

AI Chat assistant

Long Form Writing/Editor

Social Media Post Generator

Document Management

Chrome Extension

Free Trial

AI Chatbot for business

Zomani AI


Yes (100 images on Free plan)

Available in all plans

Available in all plans

10,000 Free Words for lifetime

Zomani Vs ShortlyAI

Only 3

No Image generation

Yes, with only 5000 Free Words

Pricing Comparison




Zomani AI

Free 10,000 Words No card required

$16.25 per month (Access to premium features)

Zomani Vs ShortlyAI

Free 5000 Words

$65 per month

Why should you choose Zomani Content Writer Over ShortlyAI ?

Zomani.ai has revolutionized our business operations with its remarkable AI capabilities. From crafting content for our social media to generating images for our blogs, Zomani takes care of it all.

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AI Image Generation

Get content fast and endless Possibilities of DIY Functionality

Zomani is full of sections which does not requires promting but general information about what you are writing. Zomani also have Custom Prompt feature in chat to increase the posibilities of content creations to infinity. Whether it’s formulating interview inquiries or birthing podcast content, merely furnish your directives, and let the Zomani Content Writer work its magic!


Accessible Price Structures for All

Zomani provides a range of pricing options designed to maximize value for both enterprises and individuals. Users curious about the product can use it for free up to 10,000 words, 100 images, and 4 documents. After the free tier, a premium plan priced at $16.25 offers you more value than its cost and an advanced package at $31.50.

Whether you’re creating descriptive blog posts or crafting compelling advertising verbiage, Zomani’s pocket-friendly pricing models, coupled with boundless word limits, facilitate resource conservation while businesses dedicate themselves to their core objectives.

Zomani Pricing

Grow Your Online Footprint via Our social media Arsenal

Boost your social media impact with the Zomani Content Writer’s social media toolkit. Whether you’re brainstorming engaging tweets or creating eye-catching Instagram captions to enhance visibility and interaction, Zomani’s AI Content Writer is your go-to partner.

This toolkit includes various features like a tweet generator, an Instagram caption creator, a hashtag generator, a LinkedIn post builder, and more. These tools help you craft content that resonates with your target audience, ultimately improving your online visibility.

Seamless Integrations with WordPress, Mailchimp, Hubspot and Active campaigns

  If you’re writing for blog post to distribute it through platforms like WordPress, Zomani is the answer. Our robust integrations with WordPress facilitate content dissemination across multiple channels, amping up your reach and visibility.

Zomani Integration options

Frequently Ask Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

No, Shortly does not have a free plan or free trail and its pricing starts at $65/month

Shortly AI utilizes the capabilities of ChatGPT-3 to understand and provide solutions to user queries.

Shortly AI helps improve content by refining existing text, generating ideas, and translating content. It enables creators, marketers, and individuals to enhance their writing and make content creation more efficient.

Shortly Ai is a Copywriter which can be used by marketers, content rewriter and translator. 

No, Shortly Ai is not a chatbot but can be used to create content.

Shortly AI doesn’t offer real-time data as it usese GPT-3 modal. Instead, it concentrates on generating and manipulating text content.

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