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AI tools have taken the world by storm, transforming many industries and revolutionizing the way we do out routine and professional tasks like content creation. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI(🡥), is a powerful language model that uses deep learning techniques to provide conversational responses. It has gained popularity due to its ability to generate coherent and contextually relevant answers. However, despite its impressive capabilities there are some limitations, ChatGPT can sometimes produce incorrect or nonsensical responses, show errors, and it may struggle with interrupted queries or understanding distinct context(🡥).

  • This article is a guidebook for anyone looking for ChatGPT alternatives and similar AI tools. Whether you want a Chatbot or looking for a tool to do specific tasks, this guide is for you.
  • The AI industry has risen to the challenge of its limitations, presenting a wide number of ChatGPT alternatives that offer more and different features, some eliminating the need for extensive prompt-writing research.
  • These alternatives not only generate brand-specific and factual content but can also create images from your textual prompts, some can even produce videos based on your prompts. Some alternatives provide advanced SEO score meters, on-screen editing, and integration with various platforms.
  • To make an informed decision, it’s important to consider various factors related to what you aim to achieve with the tool you are looking for. Consider performance factors like accuracy, reliability, context sensitivity, creative responsiveness, integration with existing tools, pricing and overall user experience.
  • We have tried to include as many details as possible in this article. After reading, you will know all about these fun and helpful AI tools and how to choose the best one for you. Get ready to have fun exploring and picking the computer friend that will make your tech adventures awesome!

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What are the best ChatGPT alternatives?

There are many AI tools today in the market, each with its own strengths and drawbacks. While some may not justify moving away from ChatGPT, others offer enhanced value and features. We looked all over the internet and have gathered these 15 legit free and paid ChatGPT Alternatives which can help you one way or another. Let’s Get started with the best one.

While all mentioned tools are powerful, they’re not perfect. Use them responsibly, ethically and according to their guidlines. Keep in mind that AI needs a guiding hand and human reviewing. Review your rewrites before sharing them with the world, and you’ll find any of the below tool to be an invaluable partner on your journey.

1. Zomani AI(🡥): features and pricing

Zomani is the best ChatGPT alternative and an AI tool utilizing GPT-4 capabilities, designed with the goal of eliminating the time a user spends on prompting and shaping content. For example, if a user needs to create an e-commerce description for an Amazon product, they can simply visit Zomani, select the Amazon Description section, provide product details, and voila! An optimized Amazon description is generated with minimal effort.

Zomani is a versatile tool designed for various purposes, ranging from e-commerce to copywriting. It excels in creating SEO-friendly articles, blogs, and content, making it valuable for advertising and marketing writing. Additionally, Zomani proves effective in creating social media descriptions and content for general writing needs, such as formulating interview questions or job descriptions. Its capabilities extend to a wide array of applications, making it a comprehensive solution for diverse writing requirements.

Zomani price(🡥):

Zomani operates on a freemium model, offering users 10,000 words for free initially. Those looking for additional features, Zomani offers subscription plans with corresponding pricing. Zomani pricing is as:

2. Zomani Image Generation feature(🡥):

Zomani is not just a textual creator but also an AI image generator. Zomani allows you to generate images in multiple styles and with specified details. As Zomani is a freemium product, you can generate upto 100 AI images for free or buy a package according to your requirements.

3. Gemini Former Bard AI: Features and Benefits


After the release of ChatGPT, all eyes were on Google. ChatGPT posed the most significant threat Google had ever faced since its inception. However, Google responded with a new ChatGPT rival and alternate, Bard AI(🡥).

Bard is an AI language model developed by Google and is free to use, initially using the Transformer framework and later transitioning to Pathways Language Model 2 (PaLM 2), Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), and now Bard is utilizing its latest and most powerful AI model known as Gemini. Bard is created around the Google’s search functionality, aiming to facilitate more natural language queries rather than relying on keywords. Its AI is trained on natural-sounding conversational queries and responses.

After the release of bard on March 21, 2023, the biggest update to gemini was on February 2024 as it saw the release of Gemini 1.5, unleashing a new level of performance, efficiency, and long-context understanding along with image generation. Gemini now thrives on natural language, mimicking human conversation with remarkable accuracy. Gemini Ultra 1.0 was introduced to the world in December 2023. It is a cutting-edge model showcasing exceptional performance across various benchmarks. This latest iteration positions Gemini at the forefront of AI language models.

  • December 2023: Launched Gemini Ultra 1.0, a state-of-the-art model showing exceptional performance across various benchmarks.
  • February 2024: Introduced Gemini 1.5, the next generation of the model with significant improvements in performance, efficiency, and long-context understanding.

Gemini is built upon Google’s search functionality, enabling you to ask questions and receive answers just like you would with a search engine. Yet, the magic lies in its conversational nature. Gemini understands context and nuances, making interactions feel natural and informative just like ChatGPT but more powerful. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with various Google apps and services, like YouTube, Maps, and Gmail, allowing you to leverage your personal content for even more personalized experiences.

In short, Gemini isn’t just an AI language model; it’s a powerful tool that empowers you to interact with information in a more natural and intuitive way. Whether you’re seeking accurate answers, context-aware insights, or personalized assistance, Gemini stands ready to exceed your expectations

There are two models of Google Gemini:

Standard Model (Gemini Pro):

  • This is the free version. It’s still a powerful language model, capable of generating text, translating languages, writing different kinds of creative content, and answering your questions in an informative way.
  • It’s trained on a massive dataset of text and code, but may not have access to the latest information or be able to tackle highly complex tasks like advanced coding or generating highly realistic images.

Premium Model (Gemini Ultra):

  • This is the paid version that requires a Google One AI Premium subscription. It offers several advantages over the standard model:
    • Access to Ultra 1.0: This is the most advanced and powerful version of the Gemini model to date, showcasing exceptional performance across various benchmarks.
    • Enhanced capabilities: It excels in complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, and following nuanced instructions.
    • Longer and detailed conversations: It can understand the context from your previous prompts better and allows for more in-depth discussions.
    • Advanced creative collaborations: It can assist with content creation brainstorming, analyze trends, and suggest tailored approaches.

Ultimately, whether the premium model is right for you depends on your specific needs and budget. If you’re a casual user or only need basic language processing tasks, the standard model is likely sufficient. However, if you’re a professional who requires advanced capabilities for complex tasks, creative projects, or in-depth research, the premium model might be a valuable investment.

Key changes to bard at the start of Febuary 2024:

  • Replaced “Bard” with “Gemini” throughout.
  • Added details about Gemini 1.5 and Ultra 1.0 updates.
  • Reemphasized Gemini’s focus on natural language and conversational interactions.
  • Highlighted the seamless integration with Google apps and services.
  • Maintained the overall tone of the original text.

4. Bing AI: Features and Benefits

Another alternative to ChatGPT is Bing AI(🡥), developed by Microsoft. Bing AI is not something new but an upgrade of Search engine to search engine and a chatbot. It is accessed just like opening bing search engine and then you can select if you want to chat with the tool or search something through a search engine. Bing AI is designed to provide accurate and relevant responses by leveraging Microsoft’s extensive search engine capabilities. It utilizes a vast amount of web data to generate well-informed answers

Bing AI can generate images as well now.

Bing AI image generator
Bing AI Images generation.

prompt: Imagine conjuring a majestic cyberpunk cityscape bathed in neon light, or whispering the essence of a whimsical woodland fairy and seeing it bloom on your screen

Bing AI excels in understanding ambiguous queries and providing contextually accurate responses. Additionally, it offers a seamless integration with other Microsoft services, providing a comprehensive AI conversational experience. Bing AI is a compelling option for users who value accurate and well-informed responses.

Bing AI price:

Bing AI is free just like its counter option bard. Bing AI can chat like humans, assist you in writing essays or letters and can even help you with AI Image generation.

5. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer(🡥) is a cloud-based AI code generation service that functions as an extension within supported integrated development environments (IDEs). It serves as a code-assisting tool, operating through the internet as a cloud service. CodeWhisperer analyzes your code as you write, suggesting completed code, similar to the autocomplete function.

To set it up, you need an Amazon Web Services account, which you can then attach to Visual Studio or any other IDE of your choice. CodeWhisperer not only provides suggestions but also explains your code and highlights potential security vulnerabilities. It’s an all-in-one solution for creating, explaining, completing, and analyzing your code.

CodeWhisperer price:

CodeWhisperer is free for individual programmers, offering 50 code scans at no cost. For businesses, there is a professional plan priced at $19 per user per month.

6. Ask Writer

Ask Writer(🡥) is an AI Content Generator and chatbot developed by Writer. This innovative tool can retrieve information from the internet and create content based on the context you provide. It goes beyond content creation by offering citations and references from any webpage, ensuring the output is not only relevant but also accurate and up-to-date. The free version of Ask Writer is accessible to everyone without the need for registration.

Ask Writer price:

Ask Writer is one of the most used AI tool for content generation and can be used without any signup. Ask writer is free for individual use and it costs $18 for Team package and custom pricing for enterprise package.

7. ChatSonic

ChatSonic(🡥) is an AI powered chatbot that serves as an alternative to ChatGPT. It can write articles and blogs, instantly paraphrase text, expand and lengthen content, and summarize pieces of content in one click. To use it, you simply need to select “ChatSonic” from the Writesonic dashboard and explore the ChatSonic tool.

ChatSonic price:

ChatSonic offers multiple options. You can get 10,000 words for free from ChatSonic on individual account, $16 for freelancers and $500+ per month for enterprises. It also offers a customizable option for a small team in which you can get custom plan to get custom number of words of GPT3.5 or GPT4.

8. Claude

Claude(🡥) is an AI assistant designed to assist in text-based and conversation-driven tasks. It is developed by Anthropic. With its user-friendly chat interface and developer console API, Claude offers a seamless experience for various needs.

There are two versions of this advanced system: Claude 2, a powerful tool accessible through APIs for businesses and a beta chat interface for users in the US and UK. It effortlessly handles various tasks such as summarization, writing, and Q&A. For those looking for a quicker and more affordable option, Claude Instant, mainly available through APIs, offers a simplified experience.

Claude price:

unlike others, Claude charges you per prompt. There are three pricing plans offered by claude.

9. Copy.ai

Copy.ai(🡥) is also an AI writing tool designed to streamline content creation for marketing and sales purposes. It offers a wide range of features to generate broad marketing copy and improve overall writing tasks.

From creating headlines, ad copy, and blog post outlines to enhancing product descriptions, social media posts, and sales emails, Copy.ai provides more than enough to various content needs. The tool also helps in automating tasks like generating multiple content variations, creating long-form content using AI outlines, and paraphrasing existing content. With additional capabilities such as providing suggestions for tone and style, checking grammar and plagiarism, and offering both freemium and pro versions, Copy.ai stands out as a user-friendly and efficient solution.

Copy.ai price:

Copy.ai offers different pricing plans, starting from free and going up to $3,000. Each plan gives you more value than what you pay for.

10. Jasper AI

Jasper(🡥), formerly known as Jarvis, is an advanced AI writing software, excelling in the rapid generation of high-quality content. Made especially for businesses with the need to produce a significant volume of content efficiently, Jasper offers a range of features to meet these demands.

One of the notable features of Jasper Chat is its ability to address queries, a capability that extends up until the summer of 2021. The software is trained on extensive content from the year 2021 and earlier, ensuring a robust foundation for content generation. With a user-friendly interface reminiscent of ChatGPT, Jasper Chat facilitates seamless interactions, enabling continuous conversations while retaining memory of previous exchanges.

Jasper price:

Jasper offers 3 different plans for different needs. Starting from $39/month for annual package and $49/month to a customization plan through sales.

11. Paraphrasing Tool QuillBot AI

QuillBot(🡥) is a paraphrasing and rewrite master, fueled by the magic of artificial intelligence. Quillbot can rephrase your sentences, paragraphs, blogs, articles or even entire essays in countless ways, all while preserving the original meaning. There are multiple paraphrasing modes in quillbot. You can choose “Simplify” for crisp clarity, “Fluency” for smooth flow, or even “Creative” to get a whirlwind of synonyms and poetic flair in your content. Each mode tunes the AI’s engine to deliver the specific changes you desire.

QuillBot is also a grammar guru. It thorougly checks your text for errors and suggests enhancements. This double duty ensures your writing shines both in content and form, leaving you confident and polished.

Quilbot price:

QuillBot comes with a free plan for individual users, letting you use and test AI-powered paraphrasing and rephrasing. There is also paid plans from $4.17/month on annually package and $9.95/month.

12. Midjourney: The famous AI image generator

Midjourney(🡥) is usually known for its image generation capabilities and usage but it’s also an independent research lab and a flourishing community exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and human creativity. Midjouney was launched in July 2022, their flagship and the most famous creation is a unique text-to-image AI program that transforms your textual descriptions into stunning visuals.

Beyond the technical achievements, Midjourney fosters a dynamic community as it generates images on discord.Their Discord server hums with artistic energy, where members share their creations, exchange prompts, and offer constructive feedback. The platform also boasts a curated gallery, showcasing the diverse masterpieces created by its users. It’s a playground for artists of all levels, a tool for designers and creatives, and a window into the uncharted territory of AI-powered artistic expression.

Midjourney AI image generated picture

However, Midjourney isn’t without its limitations. Access is currently granted through a tiered subscription system, with varying levels of image generation credits and community access.

Midjourney price:

Midjourney pricing is very diverse, but it does not provide any options to generate images for free. The plans range from $8/month to $96/month with an annual subscription and from $10 to $120 on a monthly basis.

13. DALL-E: The emerging AI Image Generator

DALL-E(🡥) is also state-of-the-art image generator. Developed by OpenAI, this AI marvel transforms the prompts of your imagination you provide through text into stunning visuals using text-to-image technology. In January 2021, OpenAI introduced DALL·E. One year later, its newest system, DALL·E 2, generates more realistic and accurate images with 4x greater resolution.

Think of it this way: you paint a picture and provided Dall-E with a prompt and and DALL-E, equiped with a digital brush, braws it with every possibility. Whether you describe a serene underwater city illuminated by bioluminescent coral, or a Moon Knight like Arjun(🡥), DALL-E translates your every word into a captivating visual piece of art.

An image generated through Dall-E 3

Prompt: The Moon Knight dissolving into a swinging sand, volumetric dust, cinematic lightening, close up

Of course, with such groundbreaking power comes responsibility. DALL-E has its limitations, and ethical considerations abound. It’s essential to use it responsibly, avoiding harmful biases and respecting artistic ownership.

Dall-E price:

DALL·E generates images with credits; each image costs one credit, which is approximately 0.13 cents. You can purchase up to 115 images in 1 package and up to 100 packages at a time.

14. Canva: An AI haven

Canva(🡥), which gained fame due to its all-in-one and easy-to-use photo editor, is now more than a workshop. You can edit pictures, create web designs, and develop the full UI of websites in it. Canva is now an all-in-one powerhouse equipped with AI capabilities. Canva’s AI features are designed to empower you. Use them as a springboard for your own ideas, experiment with different options. Let’s discuss the magic of this tool:

AI Image editing:

Canva is full of powerful editing tools, but when you go to the ‘Edit Image‘ section, you will get AI-generated images that allow you to make quick advanced edits in a blink with the help of AI.

You can remove the background of any image with BG Remover, which is a premium feature.

Select and erase any unwanted object from an image using the Magic Eraser tool. This is also a premium feature.

If your image is smaller in size, you can expand it with the help of Image Expand. You can access this feature with premium access.

You can select and change any object in an image with another one that you want using Magic Edit. This is not a premium function.

Make any object embedded in the image movable with the Magic Grab Premium feature. You can change any object’s place in a picture with this feature.

If you have an image with text on it, you can change the text’s position on the image with the Grab Text feature.

Premium features are the features not included in free version

Magic Write:

Canva consists of a Textual AI option to generate or enhance text written on images. It’s like having a built-in copywriter but specifically for writing on images or templates, capable of taking your message to the next level.

Canva price:

Canva comes in three different pricing plans. Canva allows some basic editing for free. Price for a plan after free one is $54 and $130 for teams.

15. Synthesia AI: Crafting Your Vision with AI Avatars and Voices

Synthesia.io(🡥) is a video generating tool and website. You type what you want in a video and It makes it for you, no camera, editing, production or fancy equipment needed. With Synthesia.io you create studio-quality videos with realistic AI avatars and expressive voiceovers in over 120 languages and accents. Pretty wild, right?

Creators can select from a broad number of emotional tones and adapt the speaking style to align with their content. The platform also simplifies the video creation process with an intuitive interface, eliminating the need for film school expertise. Easy scriptwriting and editing are facilitated through a drag-and-drop system, allowing users to adjust timings and fine-tune details until their vision comes to life.

It empowers a wide range of individuals, from solopreneurs to small business owners, providing access to professional video production without the requirement of expensive equipment, videographic skills or advanced editing skills.

Synthesia price:

Synthesia AI offers a free plan for initial exploration. Paid plans starting from $22/month to customized plan for enterprices

While ChatGPT has revolutionized the field of conversational AI, it’s crucial to explore alternatives to find the perfect AI partner. Having read the details above, you can now make an informed decision and get the ideal ChatGPT alternativfe and AI partner for your needs. Embrace the world of AI conversation and unlock its full potential with the perfect AI companion. Zomani AI, Bard AI, Bing AI, and each tool mentioned above offer improved accuracy, context sensitivity, and unique features.

Note: This article contains information from various sources (with references) on the topic of ChatGPT alternatives. The primary goal is to provide valuable information to readers about the latest advancements in AI content creation tools. If you find any information that might belong to you, please contact us for proper reference.

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