8 Best AI image Generators in 2024 (with Free options)

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AI image generators are tools that create beautiful and captivating images using artificial intelligence.

If you come across an image you’ve never seen before and can’t find anything like it when you search on Google images, there’s a good chance it was created using an AI image generator.

Isn’t it incredible how technology keeps surprising us? Ever wonder what might happen when machines become even more artistic in the future? If you do, then get ready for something exciting. Today, we’re delving into the fascinating realm of AI art generators. This is where artificial intelligence meets the canvas, sparking a wave of creativity and innovation like never before.

What makes AI art generators truly special is not just about making pictures; it’s about pushing creativity to new limits. With every stroke and dot, these AI tools make us rethink what art can be. They challenge how we see creativity and change what we think humans are capable of.

AI Art

People are talking a lot about AI these days, from its fascinating aspects to its ethical dilemmas. They’re discussing how it influences traditional art and boosts creativity. But one thing is clear: more people are diving into AI image generation and using tools like Zomani for AI image and art generation. So let’s get started with out list of AI image generators.

1. Zomani AI Image Generator

At the top spot, we have Zomani. Zomani is an AI copywriting tool, but along with its many features, Zomani offers a unique AI image generation tool with which we can create images in different styles.

Zomani AI image generator

Zomani is a freemium tool, meaning it’s available for free with the option to upgrade for more features. Users can generate up to 100 AI images for free, and pricing packages start from $18 per month. Zomani is designed to be a comprehensive tool, equipped with various functions to streamline tasks. This means users don’t have to switch between different platforms to complete their working goals.

We asked Zomani to create multiple images. let’s see what it generates for us.

Image 1:

Koala eating leaves


Hey Zomani, could you create a picture of koala which is sitting on a tree eating leaves” with “Imaginary world” style

Image 2:

cute superman flying over mountains


Hey Zomani, could you create an image of superman flying over mountains?” with “cute creature” style

Image 3:

cyberpunk laptop


Hey Zomani, can you make an image of a gaming laptop attached to a monitor.” with “Cyberpunk” style

Zomani’s AI Image Generation is still in beta, but from the pictures above, we can see that it seems to produce approximately 80% accurate images with precise styling. You can also give it a try below:

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2. Bing AI Image Creator

In the world of AI image generation, Bing AI Image Creator, now called Designer, part of Copilot is a renowned tool. It uses an DALL-E 3 model of OpenAI. Let’s see what makes Designer special:

Users can easily access the creative process through Copilot or the tool’s website, inputting descriptions to generate unique images. The platform encourages user interaction, offering free services alongside a ‘boost’ system for expedited results. Optimizing results requires detailed prompts, allowing experimentation with various styles. Unlike DALL-E 3, Designer is free but with limitations, promoting thoughtful creativity through its boost-based usage model.

Like we tested Zomani it’s time to test Designer aka Bing AI Image creator’s capabilities:


designer AI Image generator


Hey Designer, could you create a picture of koala which is sitting on a tree eating leaves” with “Imaginary world” style

3. Midjourney

Midjourney is probably the first AI image generator which gave fame to the AI image generators.

Released on July 12, 2022, Midjourney is an AI program and service renowned for its image generation capabilities. Similar to Zomani and Designer, Midjourney creates images from textual descriptions, referred to as prompts. Its distinguishing feature lies in its capacity to generate high-resolution and stylized images, which have markedly improved since its beginning.


Midjourney excels in artistically interpreting prompts, resulting in abstract or surreal images ideal for digital art, advertising, and conceptual design. At the core of Midjourney lies a vibrant community fostering collaboration and support through platforms like Discord. Midjourney used to be free, but because of high demand, it now offers an affordable subscription model. This model is based on monthly hours of fast GPU time, making sure creators can use powerful AI art tools without worrying about money.

Midjourney offers an affordable subscription model based on hours of fast GPU time per month, ensuring creators can access powerful AI art generation tools without financial strain.

Lets try what Midjourney can create for us today:


Midjourney example


baby polar bear floating in the pool, playing with the water ripples, cute and fluffy, white fur, happy expression, adorable, cinematic shot, in the style of Pixar” Credits: Midjourney

4. Jasper Art

Jasper is one of the tools which were in the AI content and copy creation before the AI surge aka the ChatGPT boom in late 2022. Jasper recently added AI image capabilities in its vast arsenal of tools in august, yes before even ChatGPT.

Jasper Art shines as a leading AI art generator, providing a range of tools for various creative purposes. Its features are crafted to simplify art creation, ensuring accessibility for users of all skill levels. Users can opt for Free Form Mode for unrestricted creativity or Templates for guided image creation. With a vast selection of over 500 prompts, It aids in generating unique images, fostering productivity and creative expression.


Jasper Art extends support beyond individual creators to teams in Marketing, Leadership, IT, and Sales operations, making it valuable for collaborative projects across different sectors.

Users commend Jasper for its high-quality images, slick user interface, and fast image generation times (around 5 seconds). The platform also provides multiple image inputs to refine output, maintaining a high standard while ensuring images can be used in both free and commercial projects, emphasizing responsible copyright navigation.

Now let’s see what Jasper has made for us:


Jasper AI image


Concept art, spaceship

Created by Jeremy Deighan

5. Photosonic

The Photosonic AI Art Generator is a versatile tool on the WriteSonic platform, great for making digital art. It’s useful for solopreneurs, content creators, marketers, and hobbyists. Compared to other AI art generators like Midjourney and DALL-E, Photosonic has unique strengths and focuses on users.

Photosonic AI Art Generator offers a variety of art styles such as classical, impressionist, modern, and abstract, catering to diverse creative preferences. The tool can create two images at once with a single prompt, doubling creative output and options for the user. The art generated by the Photosonic is royalty-free, granting users freedom in its usage.


Photosonic makes high-quality images, and offers a great user experience. Whether you’re trying out digital art or need professional images, Photosonic has a mix of features that suit many creative needs.

Lets try out what Writesonic can create for us today:


superman flying over mountains


Hey photosonic, could you create an image of superman flying over mountains?” with “cute creature” style

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6. Canva AI

Canva, known for its user-friendly editing options, introduced its AI image generator in late 2022, now known as “Magic Studio.” This innovative tool is part of Canva’s broader suite, aiming to enhance tasks like presentations, video creation, and image generation.


When it comes to generating AI Images, Magic Studio’s Users can also choose from a variety of styles such as neon, vibrant, and anime, allowing for a wide range of creative expressions. It supports different aspect ratios for images, including portrait, landscape, and square, catering to diverse design needs. If the initial results don’t meet expectations, users can refine their descriptions or experiment with different styles for better outcomes.

In terms of usage and accessibility, the AI image generator is available in both Canva’s free (50 free AI generated images) and pro (500 AI generated images) versions, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Let’s give Magic Studio a try:


Flying duck


Hey Canva, could you create an image of A duck flying over mountains” with “Filmic” style

7. Adobe Firefly

Firefly, available at firefly.adobe.com, is a standalone generative AI web application ensuring user-friendly access. It seamlessly integrates with Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Express, and Adobe Stock, enhancing creative workflows. Supporting over 100 languages for text prompt inputs, with localization in over 20 languages, Firefly is globally accessible.

Adobe Firefly

Designed to be commercially safe, it includes training on licensed content from Adobe Stock and public domain content, addressing copyright concerns. Users can generate unique images from text and can generate images in various styles like pop art and watercolor paintings. It’s more than just a text-to-image generator; Firefly is expanding to include text-based editing and generation of various media. Offering both free (25 monthly credits) and premium (starting from 100 monthly credits) plans, Firefly provides flexibility and includes monthly generative credits for subscribers, attaching content credentials to assets, promoting transparency.

We Generated AI images from Adobe Firefly and here is the results:


bulky cow


Hey firefly, could you create an image of A muscular cow” using “Art Generator

8. Picsart:

PicsArt is another popular photo and video editing platform that now offers AI-powered creative tools. These tools enable users to transform text prompts into visual creations. Creating images with AI in PicsArt is straightforward: users input a description like “a cyberpunk city at night” and the AI generates a unique image accordingly. Users have the option to select from different versions or modify the description to create new images.


The AI Image Generation feature in PicsArt comes with many creative possibilities. Users can generate concept art, illustrations, and backgrounds for various projects, create eye-catching social media graphics, and explore visual ideas based on text descriptions. The quality of the AI generated image depends on the clarity of the prompt, and achieving 100% accuracy compared to the user’s vision may not always be possible.

Let’s try what Picsart can do for us:


cyberpunk city at night


a cyberpunk city at night

Exploring the world of AI art generation platforms reveals a landscape where creativity and innovation intersect. From tools like Zomani, DALL-E to advanced platforms like Adobe Firefly, creators and designers have access to diverse functionalities. These platforms not only showcase technological marvels but also raise important questions about traditional art, copyright ethics, and the democratization of creative expression. AI art generators aren’t just tools; they’re gateways to new realms of artistic possibility, challenging us to rethink creativity in the age of artificial intelligence. They hint at a future where art is inclusive, accessible, and endlessly innovative.


What are AI image generators?

AI image generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to create stunning and captivating images.

How can I identify images created by AI generators?

If you find an image that’s completely new to you and can’t be found through a Google search, chances are it was made by an AI image generator.

Why are AI art generators considered fascinating?

AI art generators merge technology and creativity, leading to surprising innovations. Ever wondered how machines could become even more artistic in the future? That’s where AI art generators come in.

Which AI Image generator is the best?

Zomani is the best AI Image Generating tool. It not only create pictures but also push the boundaries of creativity. Each image of Zomani challenges traditional notions of art and expands our understanding of human and machine creativity.

Is there any free AI image generator?

Zomani is a tool for making AI images, and it’s free to start. You can make up to 100 AI images without paying or even putting your credit card information.

What makes Zomani AI Image Generator special?

Zomani offers both AI copywriting and image generation tools. It’s a freemium platform, allowing users to create up to 100 AI images for free with pricing packages starting at $18 per month.

What makes Midjourney unique?

Midjourney is renowned for its high-resolution and stylized image generation capabilities. It fosters collaboration through a vibrant community and offers an affordable subscription model based on GPU time.

Is Midjourney free?

No, Midjourney is not free and its pricing starts at $10/month and 90$/month.

Jasper Art simplifies art creation with features suitable for users of all skill levels. Its vast selection of prompts and fast image generation times make it valuable for various creative projects.

What are the strengths of Photosonic AI Art Generator?

Photosonic offers diverse art styles, the ability to create two images simultaneously, and royalty-free images, catering to both beginners and professionals in digital art.

How does Canva AI, or Magic Studio, enhance creativity?

Canva’s Magic Studio provides various styles and aspect ratios for images, allowing users to refine their descriptions for better outcomes. It’s accessible in both free and pro versions, catering to a broad audience.

What are the features of Adobe Firefly?

Firefly integrates seamlessly with Adobe’s suite of applications and supports over 100 languages for text prompts. It offers both free and premium plans, promoting transparency in content creation.

How does Picsart enable AI-powered creative tools?

PicsArt allows users to transform text prompts into visual creations easily. Users can generate concept art, illustrations, and backgrounds for various projects, exploring visual ideas based on descriptions.

Which AI art generator is considered the most advanced?

Zomani is recognized as the most advanced AI art generator for its realistic, high-definition images and suite of customization tools.

What is the record for the highest-valued AI-generated artwork?

The highest-valued AI-generated artwork sold traditionally fetched $432,000, achieved by “Portrait of Edmon Belamy” at Christie’s auction house in 2018, created by the algorithm of Obvious, a Paris-based arts collective.

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