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Zomani AI Writer is one of the most advanced AI-writing tools that provides 4x features at 2x lesser cost to generate content 5x faster!

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Why should you find alternatives of Writesonic

Complex User Interface

Though Writesonic is one of the top ratted products in AI content creation industry, but its user interface does hold a lot of complexity which makes it difficult for normal users to understand and take full advantage of the product. Meanwhile, zomani offers a completely simple and easy to understand and interoperate user interface which allows its users to effectively work their way through the system and get beneficial outcomes.

Slow Generation and Complex Generation

In this fast-paced environment time is everything for a business, in-case of Writesonic, there is a lot of lag and delay that is present there while generating content and moving around the system itself. Apart from that generating content through writesonic seems to be a complex task itself that makes it difficult for non-technical users to maneuver.

Limited Usecases and content Types

Though the content quality of Writesonic has gained quite some popularity in the industry, but Writesonic lack one feature, it lacks the versatility in usecases there are very limited and refined usecases that don’t cover all corners of content creation needs. In comparison to Zomani it holds quite few usecases that are actually feasible in real world scenarios.


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Zomani.ai has transformed the way I create content. Its "Custom Prompt" feature lets me generate tailored content effortlessly, saving me valuable time. From engaging social media posts to compelling product descriptions, Zomani.ai's versatility never fails to impress.


Why should you choose Zomani Content Writer Over Writesonic?

Zomani VS Writesonic in a glance


AI Content Use cases

AI Image generation

Languages Support

Access to newest features

Plagiarism Checker

Document Management

AI Score detection

Chrome Extension

Free Trial

AI Chatbot for business

100+ Content Use cases and more

Yes (100 images on Free plan)

Offers 35+ Languages

Yes, for all plans including trial

Available in all plans

10,000 Free Words for lifetime

Only 70 Standard Use cases

No Image generation

Only Offers 20 languages

Only for Pro Plan users

Yes, with only 5000 Free Words

Pricing Comparison





Free 10,000 Words No card required

18$ per month (Access to all features)

36$ and unlimited words

Free 8000 Words

36$ per month

400+$ for unlimited words

Unleash the Infinite Possibilities of DIY Functionality

Experience boundless creativity with Zomani’s Custom Prompt feature. While Zomani boasts an impressive array of 100+ features, we understand that your unique ideas might not fit the mold. Enter the Custom Prompt, an ingenious tool that empowers you to manifest any concept imaginable. Whether it’s formulating interview inquiries or birthing podcast content, merely furnish your directives, and let the Zomani Content Writer work its magic!

Why Settle for Conventional When You Can Forge Your AI Path?

Accessible Price Structures for All

Zomani extends an array of pricing options designed to maximize value for both enterprises and individuals. Commencing at a modest $18.00 per month, our plans furnish an extensive array of features, equipping businesses to swiftly construct top-tier content. Whether it’s crafting elaborate blog posts or fashioning compelling advertising verbiage, Zomani’s pocket-friendly pricing models, coupled with boundless word limits, facilitate resource conservation while businesses dedicate themselves to their core objectives. Moreover, with a complimentary trial, granting access to 10,000 words, allowing you to test-drive every facet of our offerings.


Elevate Your Online Footprint via Our social media Arsenal

Amplify your social media presence with the Zomani Content Writer’s social media toolkit. From conceiving riveting tweets that ensnare readers’ attention to crafting captivating Instagram captions that elevate visibility and interaction, Zomani’s AI Content Writer emerges as your ultimate companion.

This toolkit encompasses an assortment of features, such as a tweet forger, an Instagram caption conjurer, a hashtag generator, a LinkedIn post constructor, and more, fostering the creation of content aligned with your target demographic, thus enhancing visibility.

Seamless Integrations for Streamlined Operations


Whether you’re aiming to enhance your blog post’s optimization and distribute it through platforms like WordPress, Zomani is the answer. Our robust integrations with WordPress facilitate content dissemination across multiple channels, amping up your reach and visibility.


Ready to Infuse Efficiency into Your Workflow?

Bid farewell to monotonous customer support chatbots and usher in a new era with Zomani’s AI chatbot for enterprises. Discard obsolete automation in favor of personalized, astute responses. By shedding the necessity for extra customer support personnel, operational costs are slashed. Seamlessly merging into your support ecosystem, Zomani’s AI chatbot furnishes cost-effective and efficient support 24/7. Drawing insights from your knowledge repositories, this AI engages customers with an uncannily human touch, all minus the need for coding expertise.

This toolkit encompasses an assortment of features, such as a tweet forger, an Instagram caption conjurer, a hashtag generator, a LinkedIn post constructor, and more, fostering the creation of content aligned with your target demographic, thus enhancing visibility.

This isn't just about composing articles; it extends its prowess to advertising, product descriptions, and even invigorating mundane sentences. The customization options span an impressive array of niches, making nearly any specialization attainable.


Frequently Ask Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Yes, Zomani offers a free trial or demo period to give you an opportunity to explore its features and evaluate its suitability for your writing needs.

Zomani requires an internet connection to utilize its features as it leverages AI algorithms and cloud-based processing for optimal performance.

Zomani compares your content against an extensive database of existing content to identify any unintentional similarities or instances of plagiarism.

Zomani takes data security seriously. We employ industry-standard security measures to protect your information and ensure confidentiality.

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